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Hello! TradingCenter is a new blog specializing in Pokemon trainer communication and news! The blog opens on 3/30!

Mods Dandy and Dash have gathered every new Pokemon.. in shiny forme; and we’re giving them away to you guys!

Here’s a list of every new Pokemon, by the way!


If you want to be a winner, make sure you can qualify:

-You MUST follow tradingcenter!

-Like AND reblog this post!

Here’s how the giveaway is broken down:

Once the end date is reached, we will use a random number generator to pick a result of 10 winners. Each winner wins ONE Pokemon of their choice, if they respond within 24 hours.

But what if some winners want the SAME Pokemon?

The Pokemon will be cloned. If you do not like cloning, then you must pick another! 

END DATE: APRIL 10, 2014

Good luck!


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  • Gettin back into the game. I have y, beat the elite 4 several times, and am working on a good team of pokemon. Online problem is, I'm a little skiddish on the ev training
  • So, please inbox me trainers. I'll give u my friend code, and hopfully I can pick your brain about ev training

give me shinys to make me happy!

Looking for friendly people on pokemon x and y to converse with

Looking for friends on pokemon. Anyone?

I want an explanation for this shit nintendo

I want an explanation for this shit nintendo

Packin my baddy. Hmu

Packin my baddy. Hmu

can I get some people to play gta v with? plz. inbox me! PS3 only

Gta v anyone?

Anyone wanna play gta v 2nite? Ps3. I wanna cause some maddness

It was sunday morning. I was drunk again, sitting in my recliner watching tom and jerry in my underwear again…..I could tell all was well

It was 12am on a sunday, I was laying in my bed, watching looney toons with the barrel of my gun in my mouth